Take your Traveling Game to the Next Level

Traveling game is a sport that only the most adventurous souls enjoy. We all like to travel with our friends and family, but what makes every trip different is what we do during the trip.

That’s why Smeen has incorporated a special feature to entertain travelers all around the world. The app features Traveling Challenges which allow travel buffs to share their travel stories to win exciting challenges. For instance, you can participate in scuba diving, mountain climbing and art challenges. Publish your unique traveling story and join thousands of travelers to see if your adventure trip is unique enough to win you prizes.

What’s so special about this feature?

  • More than 700 challenges available
  • More than 200 medals for travelers to win
  • Travelers can unlock new challenges by winning challenges

Challenges are based on different themes including:

  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Continents
  • Points of interest

Participants who win in each challenge will receive points and/or medals that correspond to the challenge. There are 4 levels of medals including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

There aren’t any traveling apps that offer this level of engagement and interaction with your network connections. Thanks to its smart features and AI enabled tools, the app makes traveling a fun experience for people of all ages.

The app promises rewards and benefits so you can unlock more exclusive features of the app. Earn rewards and medals to establish your authority in your network. Other travelers will look up to you to get tips, info and trivia about a destination or a theme on which you won challenges.

The challenge feature gives Smeen an edge over other popular traveling apps.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can explore more exciting features that invite the reader to install the app to take the challenges. The more challenges a traveler wins, the more he can be travel influencer.

Bottom Line

The Game Challenge feature adds a great method to engage with upcoming and seasoned travelers from all around the world. Who knows your adventure story might end up beating a seasoned traveler’s journey.