Best Travel Blogger Competition 2019 – 10K euros to win

What is Smeen?

Smeen is a game-changing app that transforms the way we’ve all been travelling for decades or maybe centuries. With just a click, you get the best travel stories and experiences from travelers all around the world. From finding passionate travelers who share the same cultural background as yours to connecting with unique individuals from other continents, Smeen gives you massive travel exposure.

The thing is that what may be the best spot for your friend does not have to be the most exciting place for you. Using Artificial Intelligence, Smeen gives you time-bounded insight into the experiences of other travelers who are of your agegender and share your interests.

Why are we running a Competition?

We are trying to identify the most motivated travelers to build a community with whom we will work together to build the best Traveling Social Network app.

To participate, all you need to do is to download the iOS or Android app from the store, create an account, verify your email and start telling your most interesting travel stories.


Competition Phases:


Phase 1: Bonus round

This phase is meant to reward the first users to join. If you subscribe before March 1st, 2019 and the points cumulated till February 28th 2019 at midnight (Paris/Europe time) are higher than 500 points, you will get the bonus to multiply your points by 1.3 (+30%) for the next phase.

Phase 2: Final round

During 61 days (till April 30th 2019 at midnight Paris/Europe time), you will have to compete other Travel bloggers to get the maximum of points.

The winner will be the blogger who cumulates all these conditions:

– Having the highest number of points

– Having cumulated at least 3 Gold medals of any kind

The winner will get the prize of 10,000 € (10 thousand euros). The payment will be proceeded 15 days after the competition end via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Top 10 bloggers will have a personal interviews in our Blog.

Top 100 bloggers will get the status “Travel Influencer” in the platform.


You can access to your ranking at any time using this link

For a matter of honest competition and to avoid malicious behavior, we will not show the other users information till the end of the competition.

Ranking is updated every Monday during the period of the competition.


Points’ calculation:

  • To each story we give score from 0 to 5 which we will name Story Score using this internal scoring system. This score is then multiplied by the number of likes from verified* users of each story. For example, If you write a 5 stars story and you get 20 likes for that story, you cumulate 100 points for that story.
  • For each verified* follower you get, you will get 2 points
  • For each verified* user you invite to create an account, you will get 5 points. Invites are tracked correctly only if you use “Share” features from the app. Whether you use Invite Friends, Share Trip, Share Story, or Share Challenges menus. Invites using other channels can’t be tracked so will not be counted.
  • We add to them the points you get from winning In-app Challenges.

*verified: By verified we mean a user who confirmed his email address on the app. We do this to avoid spammers.


Internal Story Scoring system:

  • 2 points for the quality of the photo in case of photo story and the quality of the text in case of Tip story.
  • 3 points for the content of the description :
    • 1 point if the story description is complete
    • 1 point if the story description is useful or inspiring to the community
    • 1 point if the right hashtags are used