Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Travelers

Did you know that Christopher Columbus made only 4 journeys in his entire life? In fact, it took him 6 years to plan and prepare for one of his journeys

But today, machine learning and artificial intelligence have re-defined our traveling experiences. Artificial Intelligence is a broad area of computer science that revolves around teaching computers to think and perform like humans.

Simply put, machine learning is all about building models that give accurate results based on the data you enter. But artificial intelligence expands machine learning to make chatbots and programs serve as real humans.

Smeen takes this advancement to another level. The smart feed of the app relies on artificial intelligence to select or discard information depending on how useful it is for analysis.

Busy travelers look for instant information, be it day or night. Pre-programming allows the app to make every trip a success. Automated reminders and accurate info related to your destination make you enjoy every minute of your journey, without having the need to perform multiple searches.

Smeen provides a wide array of benefits to the average and frequent traveler. The social network provides impressive features to make sure you never reach your destination unprepared.

What makes Smeen different from other conventional web and mobile apps is its ability to provide personalized results, thanks to AI. The app is smart enough to include your gender, social and cultural background, your age and other information such as your trip dates to find the most accurate results.

The best part of the app is that it focuses on your personal interests, lifestyle and age, before providing you the most recent results:


Artificial Intelligence for Travelers

                       Global view of how Smeen uses Artificial Intelligence to guarantee accuracy for Travelers

Customized Results

Data is one of the most useful by-products of technology. But it is rare to find the exact facts and information that you’re looking for. This goes true for many of today’s most popular traveling websites and apps.

Your traveling plans can be of any nature. Whether it’s a family, corporate or a solo trip, there is significant planning involved. That’s where Smeen makes the best use of AI to make suggestions according to your preferences.

While filtering information seems like a waste of time, Smeen tackles the issue by giving you nothing but customized results. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the app tracks your traveling history and keeps a check on your itinerary to give you nothing but the results that matter to you. This is a great way to save time and money.

For example, if you are looking for the best exotic places in the world through Smeen, the app takes your interests into account. If you are up for scuba diving, trekking or paragliding, Smeen’s artificial intelligence gives you the best places in the world where you can take your passion to a whole new level.

Advice from Seasoned Travelers

AI enables Smeen to give you traveling stories from travelers who share the same social and cultural influences as your own. Bloggers and travel buffs upload interesting trivia and historical facts about a place so an average traveler gets the best advice.

Travelers can find pictures and traveling stories that help them plan their trip right. This also means that amateur travelers will know what to pack in their gear, if they are traveling with children or family.

Travel Innovatively!

Smeen is engineered to serve as your personal travel guide. The app makes heavy use of AI and innovative features to help you explore new and familiar places. The app’s user-centric feed gives you time-bound results. Smeen remembers your traveling history and takes your personal preferences and info into account.